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Strategy Process, The

Concepts, Contexts, Cases

Paperback Engels 2013 9780273716280
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'There are two people, and only two, whose ideas must be taught to every MBA in the world: Michael Porter and Henry Mintzberg.' – Forbes Magazine


The Strategy Process is a truly original and authoritative strategy textbook. The author team of Mintzberg, Lampel, Quinn and Ghoshal introduce a richness of theory and practice into this text, offering an ideal introduction for those who want to develop a deep understanding of strategy.


Now into its fifth edition, this text does not shy away from the complexity of strategy but rather seeks to illuminate where it can and encourage debate and reflection at every turn. It shows that strategy is intimately connected with organizational politics and individual management styles, and is firmly grounded in the real world rather than pushing pure theory.


As well as offering a comprehensive overview of the huge body of academic knowledge in this area, The Strategy Process encourages a practical perspective through 36 substantial case studies. From modern multinationals to the battlefields of 19th century Europe, this book shows that strategy is everywhere, and understanding it is essential.



About the Authors


Joseph Lampel is Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School, City University London. He has published extensively on management and strategy in books and journals.


Henry Mintzberg is Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is a world-renowned authority on strategy and has authored or co-authored more than 15 books on the subject.


James Brian Quinn was a recognised authority in the fields of strategic planning, management of technological change, entrepreneurial innovation, and management of intellect and technology in the services sector.


Sumantra Ghoshal was Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School. He also served as the Founding Dean of the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and as a member of The Committee of Overseers of Harvard Business School.


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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<p>Section 1 - Strategy</p> <p>1. Strategies</p> <p>2. Strategists</p> <p>3. Formulating Strategy</p> <p>4. Analyzing Strategy</p> <p>5. Strategy Formation</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Section 2 - Forces</p> <p>6. Strategic Change</p> <p>7. Cognition</p> <p>8. Organization</p> <p>9. Technology</p> <p>10. Collaboration</p> <p>11. Globalization</p> <p>12. Values</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Section 3 -&nbsp;Contexts</p> <p>13. Managing Start-Ups</p> <p>14. Managing Maturity</p> <p>15. Managing Experts</p> <p>16. Managing Innovation</p> <p>17. Managing Diversity</p> <p>18. Managing Otherwise</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Cases</p> <p>1 Robin Hood</p> <p>2 Napoleon Bonaparte: victim of an inferior strategy?</p> <p>3 Heineken</p> <p>4 McDonald’s</p> <p>5 Procter &amp; Gamble</p> <p>6 QVC</p> <p>7 Barbie vs Bratz</p> <p>8 The European Airline Industry: Lufthansa in 2003</p> <p>9 Cadbury Schweppes</p> <p>10 Airbus versus Boeing: superjumbo and super risks</p> <p>11 The casino industry</p> <p>12 Managing European wealth</p> <p>13 A note on the US wine industry 2007</p> <p>14 Warner Brothers</p> <p>15 The making of the iPod</p> <p>16 Arnold Schwarzenegger (A): strategy or sheer willpower?</p> <p>17 Novomed loses a client</p> <p>18 Whisky Exchange</p> <p>19 Outset Contemporary Art Fund (A)</p> <p>20 Johnson &amp; Johnson</p> <p>21 Netflix1</p> <p>22 Nintendo: fighting the video game console wars</p> <p>23 Wipro Consulting Services in 2008: building an optimal global configuration in business and IT consulting industry</p> <p>24 Tiscali UK: The rocky road to offshoring</p> <p>25 Pixar</p> <p>26 Natura: the magic behind Brazil’s most admired company</p> <p>27 Arista Records</p> <p>28 HBO</p> <p>29 Building emotional energy for renewal: Nissan</p> <p>30 Even a clown can do it: Cirque du Soleil recreates live entertainment</p> <p>31 A restaurant with a difference</p> <p>32 Managing performance at Haier (A)</p> <p>33 Sportsmake: a crisis of succession</p> <p>34 Reorganization at Axion consulting (A)</p> <p>35 Reorganization at Axion consulting (B)</p> <p>36 Yahoo!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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        Strategy Process, The