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Flawless Consulting Set (includes Flawless Consulting and The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook)

Gebonden Engels 2011 9781118104347
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This is a set and includes: Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used, 3rd and The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise.


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Over Peter Block

Peter Block is oprichter en partner van het opleidingsinstituut Designed Learning Inc., en het adviesbureau Block Petrella Weisbord Inc. Andere internationale bestsellers van zijn hand: 'Empowerment in organisaties' en 'Rentmeesterschap'. Hij is een veelgevraagd spreker en al meer dan dertig jaar actief als adviseur van overheden, bedrijven en instellingen over de hele wereld.

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Flawless Consulting, 3rd Edition
What′s New? xiii
Acknowledgments xxi
1 A Consultant by Any Other Name . . . 1
2 Techniques Are Not Enough 13
3 Flawless Consulting 37
4 Contracting Overview 51
5 The Contracting Meeting 67
6 The Agonies of Contracting 107
7 The Internal Consultant 121
8 Understanding Resistance 129
9 Dealing with Resistance 149
10 From Diagnosis to Discovery 159
11 Whole–System Discovery 175
12 Discovering Gifts, Capacities, and Possibilities 183
13 Get the Picture 201
14 Preparing for Feedback 217
15 Managing the Meeting for Action 229
16 Implementation 249
17 The Elements of Engagement 261
18 Teacher as Consultant 279
19 The Heart of the Matter 299
Online Appendix: Handy Checklists You Can Use 317

Further Reading 319
About the Author 323

The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook
List of Figures and Exhibits vi
Welcome xi
Quick Guide to Contents xxi

1 No Fast and Easy Way 1
1 Flawless by M. J. Wheatley 5
2 A Sensible Oxymoron Andrea Markowitz 7
3 Risk Is Where You Find It Peter Block 13
4 The Journey Idries Shah 21
5 Consultant, Flawed: A Story of Eternal Internal Triangles Ken Murphy 23
6 The Power of Conversations at Work Joel Henning 43

2 The Complexity of Advice 65
7 What Should I Do? Peter Block 69
8 Four Communities Idries Shah 75
9 Changing Focus: Consulting in the New Economy Patrick Dolan 77
10 Be Careful Who You Ask: Perils of Wisdom Andrea Markowitz 81
11 Dealing with Resistance: Having the Right Conversation in Difficult Situations Phil Grosnick 89
12 The Case of Pricilla and the Red Pen Andrea Markowitz 97

3 The Power of the Question 117
13 Making the System Fully Known to Itself: Discovery As a Collaborative Process Jill Janov 125
14 Two Sides Idries Shah 135
15 Resolving a New Paradox with Old Wisdom Marvin Weisbord 137
16 Change Is in the Details Peter Block 149
17 Talk Is Walk: Language and Courage in Action Peter Koestenbaum 153
18 So, What′s Working Here? A Conversation with Elizabeth McGrath 167

4 Emotions and the Personal 175
19 Balancing Competence with Consciousness: One Woman′s Wisdom Rosemarie Barbeau 179
20 Nobody′s Fool: Unconventional Guides for the Emotional Path Andrea Markowitz 187
21 In the Land of Fools Idries Shah 199
22 Up Front and Personal A Conversation with Charlotte Roberts 201
23 Women′s Leadership Collaborative: Investing in Our Humanity Nancy Voss 209
24 Sneaking the Spirit In A Conversation with John Schuster 229

5 Valuing Capacities 237
25 Leading from Behind: Talking with Sled Dogs Sam Magill 241
26 Homeopathic Consulting: Learning Is Free, Teaching Is Not Cliff Bolster 249
27 Milk and Buttermilk Idries Shah 265
28 Consulting As Capability Building Lou Ann Daly 267
29 Getting Real John O′Connell 273

6 Integrating Strategy and Experience 287
30 The Engagement Paradigm: Changing the Way We Change Organizations Dick and Emily Axelrod 291
31 Caring about Place Peter Block 307
32 Unleashing the Spirit Kathie Dannemiller, Sylvia James, and Paul Tolchinsky 315
33 Nancy′s Checklist Nancy Sanchez 329
34 Anonymous Data Collection? Definitely Yes and No Neale Clapp 331
35 Toward a More Participative, Productive Workplace Marie McCormick 339
36 Co–Creating a Community′s Future: Once upon a Time in a Place Called Home David and Carole Schwinn 355
37 How Am I Doing? How Am I Doing? You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Peter Block 365

7 No Masks No Bargains 375
38 My Worst Consulting Nightmare Amy J. Katz 383
39 Three Nightmares A Conversation with Henry Johnson 389
40 Twelve Questions to the Most Frequently Asked Answers by Peter Block 393
Postscript 405

Thanks to Contributors 407
About the Author 427
Index 429
Flawless Consulting Workshops 441

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        Flawless Consulting Set (includes Flawless Consulting and The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook)