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Creating a Data–Driven Organization

Practical Advice from the Trenches

Paperback Engels 2015 9781491916919
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What do you need to become a data-driven organization? Far more than having big data or a crack team of unicorn data scientists, it requires establishing an effective, deeply-ingrained data culture. This practical book shows you how true data-drivenness involves processes that require genuine buy-in across your company, from analysts and management to the C-Suite and the board.

Through interviews and examples from data scientists and analytics leaders in a variety of industries, author Carl Anderson explains the analytics value chain you need to adopt when building predictive business models—from data collection and analysis to the insights and leadership that drive concrete actions. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, and why creating a data-driven culture throughout your organization is essential.

- Start from the bottom up: learn how to collect the right data the right way
- Hire analysts with the right skills, and organize them into teams
- Examine statistical and visualization tools, and fact-based story-telling methods
- Collect and analyze data while respecting privacy and ethics
- Understand how analysts and their managers can help spur a data-driven culture
- Learn the importance of data leadership and C-level positions such as chief data officer and chief analytics officer


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Over Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson is the Director of Data Science at Warby Parker in New York overseeing data engineering, data science, supporting the broader analystics org, and creating a data-driven organization. He has had a broad-ranging career, mostly in scientific computing, covering areas such as healthcare modeling, data compression, robotics, and agent based modeling. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematical biology from the University of Sheffield, UK.

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1. What Do We Mean by Data-Driven?
-Data Collection
-Data Access
-From Reporting and Alerting to Analysis
-Hallmarks of Data-Drivenness
-Analytics Maturity

2. Data Quality
-Facets of Data Quality
-Dirty Data
-Data Provenance
-Data Quality Is a Shared Responsibility

3. Data Collection
-Collect All the Things
-Prioritizing Data Sources
-Connecting the Dots
-Data Collection
-Purchasing Data
-Data Retention

4. The Analyst Organization
-Types of Analysts
-Analytics Is a Team Sport
-Skills and Qualities
-Just One More Tool

5. Data Analysis
-What Is Analysis?
-Types of Analysis

6. Metric Design
-Metric Design
-Key Performance Indicators

7. Storytelling with Data
-First Steps
-Sell, Sell, Sell!
-Data Visualization

8. A/B Testing
-Why A/B Test?
-How To: Best Practices in A/B Testing
-Other Approaches
-Cultural Implications

9. Decision Making
-How Are Decisions Made?
-What Makes Decision Making Hard?

10. Data-Driven Culture
-Open, Trusting Culture
-Broad Data Literacy
-Goals-First Culture
-Inquisitive, Questioning Culture
-Iterative, Learning Culture
-Anti-HiPPO Culture
-Data Leadership

11. The Data-Driven C-Suite
-Chief Data Officer
-Chief Analytics Officer

12. Privacy, Ethics, and Risk
-Respect Privacy
-Practice Empathy
-Data Quality

13. Conclusion

Appendix A: On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data: Why Is More Data Better?
Appendix B: Vision Statement

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        Creating a Data–Driven Organization