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The Good, The Bad, and The Emoji

Mastering the Art of Review Data

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2023 9789464911268
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'The Good, The Bad, and The Emoji: Mastering the Art of Review Data' delves into the fast-paced, interconnected world of online reviews. Discover the power of customer feedback as it shapes consumer behavior, builds trust, and determines product success. Navigate the complex landscape of customer feedback with a comprehensive guide to then sources, analysis, and applications of review data. A must-read for any marketer aiming to master the digital age.

Market sentiments play an essential role in the current and future valuations of real estate properties. The reputation of business owners and operators cannot be ignored in todays valuation models, especially for exploitation driven objects. This book is an essential guide for real estate experts, providing valuable insights into leveraging the power of online reviews, data and analytics. - Roel van de Bilt (Former) Boardmember Rabobank Real Estate Finance 2015-2023

If I have a question about review marketing, I call Hans and Menno. The Good, The Bad and The Emoji provides a clear roadmap for navigating and harnessing the power of onlinereviews, giving any hotelier a significant market advantage. This is a vital read for those ready to adapt to the changing review landscape and find sustainable success. - Adam Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudbeds


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The Good, The Bad, and The Emoji - Mastering the Art of Review Data
22 september 2023 Terwijl de meeste boeken zich richten op de oppervlakte van klantfeedback en technologie, duiken de auteurs van ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Emoji’ dieper. Ze vertellen erover in deze preview.

Over Menno Beker

Menno Beker is a successful Dutch entrepreneur, experienced executive, and co-owner of various companies, including Olery.com. With more than 25 years of expertise in the digital and reputation management space, he has developed a strong reputation himself. His areas of specialization include Hospitality, retail and e-commerce ecosystems, as well as marketing, where he has demonstrated his ability to create highly effective global digital strategies. He has been involved in multiple operational aspects throughout his career. Currently together with Hans, he serves as an advisor and boardroom consultant for several businesses. Additionally, he is a sought-after speaker at industry events and conferences, sharing his insights on topics such as online reputation management and the hospitality industry. He has also co-authored the Dutch book titled “Raak: Effectieve communicatie van informeren tot co-creëren”. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he actively mentors and advises other startups. Furthermore, he has been a judge for various startup competitions, lending his expertise to identify and support emerging talent in the startup ecosystem. Menno is in a relationship with Kim, a father of four boys, living a #fourboyscrazylife as Kim always mentioned, and he finds joy in skiing, sports, and cherishes the importance of friends.

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Over Hans Keukenschrijver

With both a technical and commercial background Hans Keukenschrijver has been involved in designing new solution-market combinations and pivoting business models in tech industries. He is an accomplished Dutch serial entrepreneur and CEO & co-owner of Olery, a company specialized in collecting, aggregating, normalising, analysing and distributing reputation data in the travel industry. Beyond his involvement with Olery, he actively contributes as a mentor and advisor to numerous start-ups in the Netherlands, leveraging his extensive experience and expertise to guide and nurture emerging businesses. Recognized for his profound knowledge in the realm of online reputation management and the hospitality industry, he frequently takes the stage as a speaker at industry events and conferences, sharing his insights and shedding light on crucial topics. Hans loves to fantasise about new technologies, running, sailing with his family and checking reviews before entering a restaurant.

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Over Wouter Hensens

Dr. Wouter Hensens the Executive Dean of Stenden South Africa, a campus of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the coastal town of Port Alfred, South Africa. His doctoral research focussed on the impact of online guest reviews on conventional Hotel Classification systems, and this started an academic interest in online reviews. His work includes the integration of online review data in hotel rating systems in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Sharjah and a number of publications on the nature and use of online review data.

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Introduction 5

1 The New Marketing Paradigma 7
2 The Foundations: Service Excellence & Consumer Engagement 27
3 Online Review Data Collection 45
4 Online Review Data Analysis 75
5 Strategic Marketing using Online Review Data 91
6 The Power of AI in Review Data 133
7 The Future of Review Data Analysis 143
8 Conclusion 153
9 Learn from the best 163
10 About the writers 173

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        The Good, The Bad, and The Emoji